Latest Pulp Modern Flash Stories

November 2021

The Curio Shop by Arthur Davis

Could the sun shine any brighter, the day be any warmer than perfection? The scent of every crop and flower mushroomed with abundance, filling the air of Welcome, Tennessee, where everyone smiled and nodded as they passed, polite and welcoming as could be. Howell Rogers, the blind mayor of Welcome …

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The Coffee Shop by Jonathan Worlde

“Mr. Acurso, I’ve got an idea you’ll want to write,” said a teenage kid, his quavering voice cutting through the calming background noise of Acurso’s favorite coffee shop. The award-winning writer always started his mornings working at his laptop on his Mars-detective series. The barista had served him with her …

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These Dead Amongst Us Again by Richard Barr

A shift in the paradigm occurred while they took their breakfast. Online influencers saw their stock value skyrocket before lunchtime. Instead of police on their beat, people artlessly began to handle their own affairs, sometimes at the end of a writ, sometimes at the end of a cudgel, sometimes from …

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