Latest Pulp Modern Flash Stories

June 2021

COOKED RICE by Bruce Harris

Shit happens in threes. The week’s bad news began in his doctor’s office. “Your job is literally killing you, Arthur,” she said. “Keep up this pace and your health will continue to deteriorate. If you are in a position to retire, I strongly recommend it.” Arthur Rice knew she was …

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THE TICKET by A.R. Bender

Sam sat in the back seat of his Uber ride staring at the ticket in his wallet. He couldn’t wait to get to the Buckaroo Inn and tell his old friend Vic about his lucky day. Now he’d be able to pay him back, as well as all the others …

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THE HEAVINESS OF TIME by Nils Gilbertson

The night we killed Pat Singer started with me sipping a beer I swiped from my stepdad’s cooler and re-writing a text message to Amy Holloway over and over, trying to think up something clever. My only concern in the young evening was how I’d approach her, what I’d say …

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