Latest Pulp Modern Flash Stories

December 2020

STUFFING FOR A SACRIFICE by Patrick Whitehurst

  Jack Kerouac once said, “Life is holy and every moment is precious.” Sam wondered if the dickhead in the black turtleneck felt precious with his face smashed against the countertop. Sure, life is damn holy, but he didn’t give a shit about this guy. Another fake-ass devil worshipper with …

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THE CAPTAIN’S CORK by Benjamin DeHaan

  Captain Gordala the gluttonous! Captain Gordala the fearless! Captain of the high seas! King of the World! He could hear the people chant over cannon blasts and smelled treasures over gun powder. Twenty days at sea and his thirst remained tightly fixed to his throat like his saber on …

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DESERT RUN by Matthew Spence

  I saw the diner from a distance as I was coming down the highway I’d taken as a shortcut across the desert. It was the first sign of civilization I’d seen since leaving the Interstate, so I decided to stop and grab a bite to eat before moving on. …

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