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March, 2021

  • 10 March

    UNFETTERED by Andrew Davie

      Reijiro had wanted to die. Though he had discovered the greatest pleasure in fishing, it was not what he felt he had been created to do. His soul was restless. He’d already established a legendary status, but it did little to satisfy his ennui. His name had been recited …

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  • 2 March

    THE SHOVEL by Alan Orloff

      Mira screamed down the interstate in her beat up Chevy, her sister Zoe riding shotgun. Without any warning, Zoe turned toward the passenger-side window, lifted up her T-shirt, and flashed the driver of the eighteen wheeler in the next lane over. “Woooo!” The trucker showed his appreciation with two …

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February, 2021

  • 23 February

    ACTION IN THE WOODS by Nelson Abraham Murray

      Somewhere near Morgantown, West Virginia December 13, 1915   Ian sat behind the wheel of his Model T pickup, awakening from a brief sleep.  A steady flow of blood ran from his nose, down his forehead, and onto his bowler hat.  Nervously, he observed his surroundings and went over …

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  • 15 February

    JUST ANOTHER DAY by Anthony Watson

      I awoke to the sound of my phone vibrating on the bedside table accompanied by that godawful ringtone I still haven’t gotten round to changing. A cacophony that dragged me bleary-eyed into yet another morning. “Hello?” I said, my voice thick and gravelly, a reminder – along with the …

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  • 8 February

    FALL DESSERT by Scotty Sarafian

      It sat among the ravaged dishes clustered atop her dinner table—pumpkin, like the one she had in the oven. Excess heat had fissured its filling and charred the crests of graham cracker crust. While overcooked, a piquant but sweet aroma wafted from its weepy surface. Had it been there …

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  • 2 February

    UNHOLY REDEEMER by Alex Skopic

      The wind whipped across the wide city street, carrying bits of dirty snow in its wake. In the early-morning grey, the huddled forms of New Yorkers were already beginning to move – masked workers on their way home from the night shift, parents and their kids venturing out for …

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January, 2021

  • 18 January

    THE TOASTER by Alexis Gkantiragas

      There are first and foremost 2 facts that the reader must be made aware of. 1 – Sylvia was the first conscious computer life form on planet Earth. 2 – Sylvia was a state-of-the-art toaster whose bread grilling was powered by a cutting-edge machine learning algorithm. I can assure …

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  • 11 January


      Tony posting grandkids pictures on Facebook, was how Nick found him. He’d accepted a DM about a friendly reunion for old times’ sake. “I’m old!” he texted. Nick was still going to kill him. Looking at Tony now, standing across from him at the end of the deserted Brooklyn …

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  • 6 January

    BOBO AND THE KNIFE by J.B. Stevens

      The knife was an unfortunate compromise, but Maria didn’t want to use a gun. A shot could wake the circus’s animals. Dealing with a pissed off tiger, or rampaging elephant, wasn’t how she wanted to spend Easter. Bobo the Clown’s trailer was next to the bearded-woman’s camper, behind the …

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December, 2020

  • 30 December

    STUFFING FOR A SACRIFICE by Patrick Whitehurst

      Jack Kerouac once said, “Life is holy and every moment is precious.” Sam wondered if the dickhead in the black turtleneck felt precious with his face smashed against the countertop. Sure, life is damn holy, but he didn’t give a shit about this guy. Another fake-ass devil worshipper with …

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