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June, 2021

  • 15 June


    Barb Dwyer, an old washed up has been who was the irritation of local landscapers due to her reputation of unwanted physical advances, passed away Tuesday. She was found dead by her neighbor’s garbage can holding a discarded tube of glue, from what sources say was attributed to recreational fume …

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  • 8 June

    THE HEAVINESS OF TIME by Nils Gilbertson

    The night we killed Pat Singer started with me sipping a beer I swiped from my stepdad’s cooler and re-writing a text message to Amy Holloway over and over, trying to think up something clever. My only concern in the young evening was how I’d approach her, what I’d say …

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May, 2021

  • 11 May

    THE BLACK CLOUD by James Hadley Griffin

      In Powell’s rearview, a dismal black expanse, like a cancerous fog on a chest x-ray, occupied the space where a sunrise should have been. Yesterday, the news hit that everything was ending. There was no stopping the storm. Everyone fled indoors, praying for it to be painless: a quiet …

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  • 3 May

    TROTTER SOUP by Jesse Hilson

      “Severed feet cost 500 pesos per foot,” said the graverobber. “I’ll take one,” said Lazar, handing over the money. “And I’ll take one more every two weeks. You can get them for me?” “There’s no shortage of feet on the market, señor. What will you do with this one?” …

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April, 2021

  • 26 April

    NIGHT ANGELS by Russell Thayer

      A tough-looking woman watched Louise step to the coffee urn to draw a mug of strong midnight brew. It was Louise’s first night at the rest home. The woman wore the same prim uniform as Louise, but she wore it differently, unbuttoned to the top of her brassiere.   …

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  • 15 April

    ANGEL OF DEATH by Art Lasky

      You’re ten. You don’t remember your ma—she died birthing you. Your pa is a gunsmith and the part-time sheriff of a town too small to afford a professional lawman. Four drifters ride into town and leave Pa sprawled in the sun-baked dirt of Main Street, life pulsing out of …

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  • 8 April


      The black crayon—the one School Resources Officer Gary swore looked like a gun (“or maybe a knife…definitely something!”)—rolls out of Melvin Jenkins’s limp hand. It comes to a stop under the water fountain outside Miss Beverly’s classroom. Blood, splashed across white porcelain fountain, drips down. Droplets splatter against a …

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March, 2021

  • 31 March


      Fireworks skitter, spitting sparks down the sidewalk.  The sky fills with flowers burning out of existence as they burst and bloom.  Under the blossoms, Elli sits on her porch watching Betsy Russell dance.    Last week, Betsy went wandering the woods.  She carried a machine gun and spitting shark …

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  • 24 March

    EXPOSED by Ara Hone

      Agora’s botched exposé on Sandda City’s raging coal-burning fissures packed an emphatic moral: don’t fuck with the mayor. His hack job ripped her from the pedestal she’d occupied as an Mlog darling. Discredited and desperate, she’d foolishly accepted a hooded city official’s offer of dirt on the corrupt leader. …

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  • 17 March

    TOURIST TRAP by John M. Floyd

      “You smell anything funny?” Angelo asked. Rosa, hard at work with her whetstone, said, “No. Hold it tighter, okay?” He adjusted his grip on the sword. It was braced against the tabletop, gleaming in the yellow lamplight as his wife sharpened the blade. “Why not just strangle the guy?” …

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