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W_RD_E by Anthony Neil Smith

Day 1: STEAL GRAMS BUICK ENJOY RIDES Splendid! Day 2: STEAL PAPAS PISTO (del, del, del, del, del) SIDEA (del, del, del, del, del) FORTY FIVE (del) FIVVE (Not a word) Aw! Better luck tomorrow! Day 3: DRIVE BUICK LIQUO (del, del, del, del, del) BOOZE STORE STICK UP (del, …

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The Ice Floe Retirement Plan By Frederick Frankenberg

A dusting of snow fell from the clouds onto Nanook and Amaruq as they stood on the iceberg surrounded by floating bunches of frozen water and glaciers in the distance. The ineffective and short-lived sun allowed them to see the lifeless horizon dotted with patches of other frozen islands. Weak …

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Depth Charge by Andrew Davie

Mel heard the sound of the motor before he saw the boat. He stayed hidden around the corner of the building and peered out. The entire area had been submerged like the work of a vengeful God of the Old Testament or a futuristic SciFi film after global warming had …

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