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THE HEAVINESS OF TIME by Nils Gilbertson

The night we killed Pat Singer started with me sipping a beer I swiped from my stepdad’s cooler and re-writing a text message to Amy Holloway over and over, trying to think up something clever. My only concern in the young evening was how I’d approach her, what I’d say …

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THE BLACK CLOUD by James Hadley Griffin

  In Powell’s rearview, a dismal black expanse, like a cancerous fog on a chest x-ray, occupied the space where a sunrise should have been. Yesterday, the news hit that everything was ending. There was no stopping the storm. Everyone fled indoors, praying for it to be painless: a quiet …

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TROTTER SOUP by Jesse Hilson

  “Severed feet cost 500 pesos per foot,” said the graverobber. “I’ll take one,” said Lazar, handing over the money. “And I’ll take one more every two weeks. You can get them for me?” “There’s no shortage of feet on the market, señor. What will you do with this one?” …

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