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JUST ANOTHER DAY by Anthony Watson

  I awoke to the sound of my phone vibrating on the bedside table accompanied by that godawful ringtone I still haven’t gotten round to changing. A cacophony that dragged me bleary-eyed into yet another morning. “Hello?” I said, my voice thick and gravelly, a reminder – along with the …

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FALL DESSERT by Scotty Sarafian

  It sat among the ravaged dishes clustered atop her dinner table—pumpkin, like the one she had in the oven. Excess heat had fissured its filling and charred the crests of graham cracker crust. While overcooked, a piquant but sweet aroma wafted from its weepy surface. Had it been there …

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  The wind whipped across the wide city street, carrying bits of dirty snow in its wake. In the early-morning grey, the huddled forms of New Yorkers were already beginning to move – masked workers on their way home from the night shift, parents and their kids venturing out for …

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