Latest Pulp Modern Flash Stories

February 2022

Potential Spam by Dan Nielsen

Music came from across the aisle. I wasn’t easily offended, but I was hyper aware. The spring clip that kept my sour cream and onion chips closed was a yellow duckie. “What?” she said. “Would you like to borrow these?” I asked. I had them in my hand. Earbuds. Practically …

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Carver by George Garnet

I wipe beads of sweat from my temple, my eyes straining from the intricate task of chiselling the image of a little girl. It needs to be just right. When I work, time stops. The world around disappears; I’m blind and deaf. And there’s nothing like the feeling of turning …

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Everybody’s Waiting by John Teel

The sun is blinding and my shades are just beyond my reach. A breeze kicks up and cools my damp skin. It feels good. The tree limbs sway and groan and through their leaves I can see some birds circling. Carrion birds maybe. They smell death. Just waiting me out. …

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A Painful Dream by Tyler Curtis

“It’s a beautiful day,” I muse aloud. “Couldn’t ask for better picnic weather.” The breeze floats lazily across the hillside as the sun beats down. We sit together beneath the shade tree, as we do every Sunday after church. “I know you always enjoyed the spring. It’s certainly been a …

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