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November, 2020

  • 30 November

    TAKE IT TO THE BANK by Curtis Ippolito

      Susie skidded to a stop for a fourth time, her rubber-soled flats smudging black streaks on the grocery store’s waxed linoleum floor. She darted left, caught a glimpse of him shuffling past the opposite end of the ice cream aisle. Her mouthed flopped open to suck more air. A …

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  • 23 November

    A DEADLY WIND DOES THIS WAY PASS by Michael A. Raithel

      It all started at Humberto’s food truck on 13th street. The whole crew was there—Antoine, Tink, Shanks, and myself—enjoying the cheap cuisineat a picnic table beside the truck. Three of us were eating fish tacos, but big old Shanks was digging into a large bowl of Humberto’s chili con …

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  • 19 November

    THE DMV by Zachary W. Clark

      Bright sunlight reflecting off the glass front of his local DMV partly blinded Howard as he shuffled toward its entrance past cars across an over-crowded parking lot. Howard pressed a faded blue button causing the ill-fitted door to scrape across its threshold under the power of an automatic opener. …

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  • 16 November

    WEDDING DAY by Jeffrey James Higgins

      The worst day for a wedding. Alexander stared out his bedroom window and watched guests dressed in tuxedos and gowns take their seats in chairs arranged on the lawn in front of the altar. A hundred friends and family all waited for the big moment. Alexander and Julie’s wedding …

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  • 9 November

    TERMINUS by Jim Towns

      The jagged cliffs of Vasquez Rocks were a row of lazy needles that leaned against the clear desert sky. The ’75 Chevy Nova Super Sport churned up gravel and dust as it drove up, and then came to a stop. The drivers’ door opened and a tall, powerfully built …

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October, 2020

  • 28 October

    TERMINAL ISLAND by Michael Carter

      Where did the bodies go? Christos and the other survivors asked. But the Little People, who used hand signs and whistling noises instead of spoken word, gave no answers. After they dragged from the wreck those who had died, the Little People guided the survivors to a village. Each …

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  • 21 October

    BICYCLES by Michael Bracken

      At first there was just one bicycle—a tiny, pink stingray with training wheels and a white wicker basket attached to the handlebars—that followed me throughout high school. Now there are more than two-dozen, but I don’t know how many exactly. I’ve stopped counting. They follow me everywhere. To work. …

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  • 14 October

    THE CULT OF HUGGY HAMSTER by Abi Marie Palmer

      Eleanor’s screams echoed through the empty park. She knew that no one would hear them but her captors. They ignored her objections and bore her onwards, tiny fingers gripping her arms with preternatural strength. Inwardly, she cursed. She cursed herself for recognizing too late the menace that had infiltrated …

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  • 5 October


      Floyd saw the car and knew it would turn in long before it began trundling up his gravel driveway. He pretended not to notice. Brim of his straw hat pulled low to block the sun, he took his time locking up the big barn doors as the car idled …

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September, 2020

  • 28 September


      At Cambridge Brothers Capital Markets Financial Group Incorporated, we had cock fights. In the stairwell after hours we’d strap razors to the birds and let them go at it. Dane, who specialized in emerging markets, was the organizer. Guys would come from all over the Street, and we’d generally …

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