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October, 2021

  • 14 October

    Credit Reapers by Eric Farrell

    Mortimer Deignsfree stalked a path through the starving souls left in the skids, his vantablack cape sucking the last light out of the neighborhood. He wielded a campfire spade, wrought iron sharpened to a fleur-de-lis. It swayed in front of him, violence threatened to the weary eyes watching. Mortimer listened …

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  • 6 October

    Singles In My Area by Harris Coverely

    I was tired, but couldn’t sleep. Sweating under my sheets in the foetal position, I opened my eyes and saw the time on my bedside clock: just after ten. Cruising hour I realised, and just like that I was horny. Exhaustion be damned, I got my phone off the side …

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September, 2021

  • 22 September

    When the President Tweets by Ara Hone

    The city’s dairy carts had begun their rounds by the time the President lumbered up City Tavern’s back steps. He entered the upper room warmed by a blazing fire and conversation. “Gentlemen.” He greeted the statesmen, including James Madison and George Mason. “Well done, James and George. A glass with …

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  • 15 September

    The Hard Woke Tutelage Of Okey Honkey by Tia Ja’nae

    Okey Honkey Magazine & Press, the racially inconsolable literary consciousness for ingenue yuppies of cracker America, passed away Tuesday upholding life, liberty, and the pursuit of censorship in the name of wokeness.  Sources confirmed the publication bit the dust scolding ignorant rednecks and Negroes alike without taking a breath, expiring …

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  • 15 September

    Dear Monica by Stuart Watson

    Dear Monica, I’m writing, even though I don’t think they’ll deliver. The Old Souls Agency, they told me that I could write to you. Once. One phone call, one letter per subterranean. Ha! Makes a guy think about where to send it. The thing is, I don’t recall anyone ever …

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  • 1 September

    Beach Trip by Brennan Burks

    On our family trip to the beach, I stopped in Clanton, Alabama to kill a man. We were starting a new tradition. My wife had spent time along the white sands and turquoise waters of the Emerald Coast as a child. They were her best memories. A lifelong fondness for …

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August, 2021

  • 25 August

    Land of Some Other Order by Andrew Davie

    Knight to G 5,” Henricus said. Although, the phone had cut out so it only let through every other syllable. However, Kreshnik didn’t have to hear it; he already knew what his opponent was going to say. It was only a matter of time before Henricus would attempt a Fried …

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  • 17 August

    Eyes Like Hers by Victor De Anda

    She’s been dead for three months yet you still catch glimpses of her in the bathroom mirror after a hot shower. The scent of vanilla lingers in the bedroom closet, her clothes untouched. She’s just gone on a business trip and will be back by the weekend. This is the …

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  • 10 August

    Medah’s Revenge by Gary Thomson

    Jeb Trahan slips his seventh card into his hand, fills his spade flush. Heated betting has taken out three cowboys. Now only Tag Donnelly, bully and bushwhacker, faces him. “First, I’ll take his bankroll,” Trahan muses. “Then end his malignant life. For Medah. And all peaceful citizens in the territory.” …

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  • 4 August

    The Good Hostess by Michael Bracken

    Angela Porter stood at the kitchen counter and counted the steak knives a second time. Just as she had the first time she counted, she came up one short. Everything had to be perfect for that evening’s dinner party, and perfection could not be achieved if the number of knives …

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