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TRUCE by Ara Hone

  I stared at the yellowed photo, a before shot. In it, we were coordinated. Us boys wore blue shirts, and the gals wore green. Ma held me against her belly, and the rest of our clan, including Pa, tangled around her like puppies. I supposed one objective of the …

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  2051 Harlan found us in an abandoned foodbank. My sallow reflection looked distorted in his cracked visor. My eyeballs looked piss-yellow, my beard resembled long-dead roadkill. “Are you going to kill us, Mister?” I asked. He crouched in front of me, his ventilator groaning, his expression inscrutable. “No, son.” …

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MEMORIES OF FIRE by C.W. Blackwell

  Gina expected a corpse, but the man she found in the trailer was only half-dead. Fresh blood on the mattress. Hair matted to the sweat-damp pillow. Three days ago, Marco sat at death’s door. Now it looked like death had chewed him up and spit him out again. “I …

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