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Pale Hands by Max Thrax

My fifth gin and tonic. Clinks from the ice, blue lights on the wall. Car doors slam. I told them where to look. All week their detectives sniffed around, asked questions, so I made their work simple. One more sip and I’ll be ready. *** I met Teddy in Cambridge. …

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Spark McGlothlin Loved to Hunt by Sean Jacques

If there was one true thing that folks could say about ole Spark McGlothlin, it was that he loved to hunt. No matter what the season — quail, dove, squirrel, rabbit, turkey, or deer — you could bet your last dollar he’d be out in the woods or in the …

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Crime and Punishment by Michael A. Raithel

“My concern is that the timeline seems to be a bit off here,” said Detective Gonzales with a sympathetic smile. He was the good cop; fortyish, fit, and neatly dressed in a sportscoat over an open-collar blue shirt.  Gonzales was probably a family man, indulged his wife and kids, went …

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