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The Hard Woke Tutelage Of Okey Honkey by Tia Ja’nae

Okey Honkey Magazine & Press, the racially inconsolable literary consciousness for ingenue yuppies of cracker America, passed away Tuesday upholding life, liberty, and the pursuit of censorship in the name of wokeness.  Sources confirmed the publication bit the dust scolding ignorant rednecks and Negroes alike without taking a breath, expiring …

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Dear Monica by Stuart Watson

Dear Monica, I’m writing, even though I don’t think they’ll deliver. The Old Souls Agency, they told me that I could write to you. Once. One phone call, one letter per subterranean. Ha! Makes a guy think about where to send it. The thing is, I don’t recall anyone ever …

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Beach Trip by Brennan Burks

On our family trip to the beach, I stopped in Clanton, Alabama to kill a man. We were starting a new tradition. My wife had spent time along the white sands and turquoise waters of the Emerald Coast as a child. They were her best memories. A lifelong fondness for …

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