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Credit Reapers by Eric Farrell

Mortimer Deignsfree stalked a path through the starving souls left in the skids, his vantablack cape sucking the last light out of the neighborhood. He wielded a campfire spade, wrought iron sharpened to a fleur-de-lis. It swayed in front of him, violence threatened to the weary eyes watching. Mortimer listened …

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Singles In My Area by Harris Coverely

I was tired, but couldn’t sleep. Sweating under my sheets in the foetal position, I opened my eyes and saw the time on my bedside clock: just after ten. Cruising hour I realised, and just like that I was horny. Exhaustion be damned, I got my phone off the side …

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When the President Tweets by Ara Hone

The city’s dairy carts had begun their rounds by the time the President lumbered up City Tavern’s back steps. He entered the upper room warmed by a blazing fire and conversation. “Gentlemen.” He greeted the statesmen, including James Madison and George Mason. “Well done, James and George. A glass with …

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