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Paul, His Mom, And Bull by Luther Jackson

Honey’d tired of Paul asking, afterward, “Did you get off?” She explained Bull Frost fucked her in high school. Made her come multiple times. She couldn’t walk afterward. Paul not only agreed to let her sleep with Bull again, he begged to watch. Paul called Bull white trash. Belittled him …

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The Jogger by Robb T. White

Brent’s emails propagated like starving sewer rats. He didn’t need confirmation from dozens of emails to tell him that. With Old Man Bodnar himself upstairs in his massive fifth-floor corner office about to cash in his chips from stage four pancreatic cancer, Brent Hoyleman champed at the bit to replace …

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Fire Bug by Tom Koperwas

“I can’t see anything in here,” complained fourteen-year-old Cliff, peering around the shadowy interior of the boarded-up house, his best friend Ed standing passively by his side. “You will in a minute!” laughed his six-year-old brother, running out of the house with his pal Sparks, slamming the door and locking …

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