Latest Pulp Modern Flash Stories

March 2022

The Jogger by Robb T. White

Brent’s emails propagated like starving sewer rats. He didn’t need confirmation from dozens of emails to tell him that. With Old Man Bodnar himself upstairs in his massive fifth-floor corner office about to cash in his chips from stage four pancreatic cancer, Brent Hoyleman champed at the bit to replace …

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Fire Bug by Tom Koperwas

“I can’t see anything in here,” complained fourteen-year-old Cliff, peering around the shadowy interior of the boarded-up house, his best friend Ed standing passively by his side. “You will in a minute!” laughed his six-year-old brother, running out of the house with his pal Sparks, slamming the door and locking …

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Last job by Wilson Koewing

Deacon clutched the wheel of the black Viper. It was a clear summer night in Denver. The job was a snooze, but it was Deacon’s last and that had him thinking. What he had going for him is most last jobs aren’t chosen, and he’d been pulling jobs for a …

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Uranus Jokes by Patrick Whitehurst

The promise of cinnamon rolls had him in a good mood, otherwise he would have dropped the guy right there in the checkout line. Five people stood ahead of him, all staring at their feet and afraid to make eye contact. Only Sam had. Fucking moron. He’d looked right at …

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Instant Eternity by M.E. Proctor

She holds the gun in both hands. She has no idea how it got there. She hears the steps on the cabin deck. “Jo? It’s Matt. Can I come in?” There’s a smell in the air. She likes the way it tickles her nose and makes her want to sneeze. …

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