Latest Pulp Modern Flash Stories

January 2022

Paul, His Mom, And Bull by Luther Jackson

Honey’d tired of Paul asking, afterward, “Did you get off?” She explained Bull Frost fucked her in high school. Made her come multiple times. She couldn’t walk afterward. Paul not only agreed to let her sleep with Bull again, he begged to watch. Paul called Bull white trash. Belittled him …

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Grease Mage by Franco Amati

The smell of body odor permeated the bowling alley. My date was looking good — magenta eye shadow and a green, glittery scrunchie holding up her hair in a wild side-pony. “So you work at Foot Locker, huh?” I asked as I laced up my clownish bowling shoes. We were in one …

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The Mountain Eagle by Julie Danvers

I’ll never forget the moment I fell in love with Claire. We were in her dad’s law office, on the 10th story of a vintage high-rise with gorgeous lake views. She kissed me, and then delivered a kick to my solar plexus that sent me crashing backwards through those huge …

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Pale Hands by Max Thrax

My fifth gin and tonic. Clinks from the ice, blue lights on the wall. Car doors slam. I told them where to look. All week their detectives sniffed around, asked questions, so I made their work simple. One more sip and I’ll be ready. *** I met Teddy in Cambridge. …

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