Latest Pulp Modern Flash Stories

February 2021

UNFETTERED by Andrew Davie

  Reijiro had wanted to die. Though he had discovered the greatest pleasure in fishing, it was not what he felt he had been created to do. His soul was restless. He’d already established a legendary status, but it did little to satisfy his ennui. His name had been recited …

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THE SHOVEL by Alan Orloff

  Mira screamed down the interstate in her beat up Chevy, her sister Zoe riding shotgun. Without any warning, Zoe turned toward the passenger-side window, lifted up her T-shirt, and flashed the driver of the eighteen wheeler in the next lane over. “Woooo!” The trucker showed his appreciation with two …

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ACTION IN THE WOODS by Nelson Abraham Murray

  Somewhere near Morgantown, West Virginia December 13, 1915   Ian sat behind the wheel of his Model T pickup, awakening from a brief sleep.  A steady flow of blood ran from his nose, down his forehead, and onto his bowler hat.  Nervously, he observed his surroundings and went over …

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JUST ANOTHER DAY by Anthony Watson

  I awoke to the sound of my phone vibrating on the bedside table accompanied by that godawful ringtone I still haven’t gotten round to changing. A cacophony that dragged me bleary-eyed into yet another morning. “Hello?” I said, my voice thick and gravelly, a reminder – along with the …

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